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Eric Munshaw Memorial Scholarship

Date 2019 Jan 01 - 2020 Sep 30 Ical
Location Chilliwack, BC

The Eric Munshaw Memorial Scholarship strives to provide BC Slalom Athletes with financial support to offset the cost of attending College or University, so they may continue to train while working toward furthering their education.

TO DONATE: either click on the "register here" button - the registration page allows you to make a donation through Paypal OR donate by e-transfer/ cheque: please email us at [email protected] for these donation options.

TO APPLY: Send Resume, College/ University proof of registration and application letter to [email protected] (Deadline is September 30th each year)

Who is eligible?
U23 or Senior Provincial or National team slalom athletes resident in BC and enrolled full time in post-secondary education at the time of application.

The Eric Munshaw Memorial Scholarship of $750 will be awarded annually to the top BC whitewater slalom athlete with the best percentage time averaged over four runs from the following races:
Age Group National Team Selections
National Championships

To ensure opportunities to all athletes regardless of class, performance times will be adjusted using the Canoe Kayak Canada interclass ranking coefficients:
K1M - 100%, K1W - 113%, C1M - 106%, C1W - 126%

The Eric Munshaw Memorial Bursary is administered by the Chilliwack Centre of Excellence Paddling Club.

Eric Munshaw was a national team slalom athlete who raced in the 1972 Olympic Games at aged 18, then subsequently at the World Championships in 1973, 1975, 1977 and 1979. He became active in coaching after moving to Chilliwack, BC and was a key leader founding Chilliwack as a high performance training centre for both Canadian and American slalom athletes. This centre served as a training site for many athletes who have competed in World Championships and Olympic Games.

Eric held a degree in engineering and was a trained cabinet-maker, he went on to distinguish himself as a teacher. He was a passionate educator who inspired generations of students to pursue careers in trades and technology fields. Eric was well-recognized for his inspirational teaching over the years, in training new tech educators, and helping create the best practices guide for BC Tech Ed. He received a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008 in recognition of his contributions to the field of technology education. Eric retired from teaching at Mount Slesse Middle School in 2014.

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