Boater Cross at BC Slalom Championships / Tamihi 5-O

Date 2014 Sep 13-14 Ical
Saturday -
Location Chilliwack BC
Address Chilliwack Lake Rd and Vedder Logging Company road

In conjunction with the BC Slalom Championships..
Boater Cross will run Saturday September 13 at 2pm.
Prize will be shared $$ of the registration fee.
2 run minimum
Cost is:
CKBC $20
non CKBC fee is $30 ($20 registration + $10 day of event fee).

*** Subject to change ***

Prerequisite Whitewater Lessons and Skills
Contact Shonnet Allen 604 858-0877
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Type Competition
Category Competition
Deadline 2014-09-12 21:00:00 -0700
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